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Vietnam's first and leading luxury watch publication. Launched in 2005, published quarterly in the Vietnamese language, and circulated throughout Vietnam.

Oriental’s pioneering title; Thoi Gian (Vietnamese for ‘Time’) was first published in 2005 and set the scene for the future of luxury publications in Vietnam. This refined publication is the ultimate sophisticated guide to high-end jewellery and timepieces. It provides information on the history and technical features of brands, buying advice, collector’s knowledge, and interviews with the people behind the scenes of the world’s leading watch brands. Over time, Thoi Gian has developed from a watch catalogue to a watch collector’s “must have” pocket guide, and continues to grow as a luxury magazine that is the only market entry platform in Vietnam for the international jewellery and watch trade. Its upmarket readership is made up of watch collectors and connoisseurs, as well as affluent young professionals curious about luxury brands and horology.


Leading quarterly magazine to high net-worth financial investment in Vietnam. Launching in March 2020 in the Vietnamese language, and circulated throughout Vietnam.

Portfolio Vietnam is a new up-and-coming authoritative guide to personal finance, professional investment, private banking and all things high net-worth business in Vietnam. Offering insider tips and expert advice in the Vietnamese language, Portfolio Vietnam presents only the best expert guidance to wealth creation and preservation straight from international wealth managers, private bankers, and investment consultants. Dedicated to fostering and establishing invaluable connections with our partners to the country’s most exclusive audience, Portfolio Vietnam cuts through the noise of fragmentation and proliferation of other marketing platforms. We have expertly created a valuable place for top-end developers, architects, builders and interior designers to present their work to prospective home buyers and investors in Vietnam through our focus on Vietnam’s unique culture as well as our highly visual and elegant format and publication.


Leading quarterly magazine of Vietnam's gourmet culinary arts. Launched in December 2019 in the English language, and circulated throughout Vietnam.

For the love of gourmet food, fine wine, exotic travels and privileged lifestyle choices, Epicure is Vietnam’s first and leading guidebook sharing the best international and local tips for the culinary arts and more. With clear and dedicated sections sharing specially curated culinary content, travel tips and lifestyle news, readers can easily find the information that best suits their needs and interests. Epicure Vietnam presents topics ranging from; Epicure News, a section dedicated to new restaurants, bars and hotels in Vietnam to Raising the Bar, a column sharing famous bars, sky-lounges and pubs as well as Gourmet Traveller, a series introducing luxury hotels and resorts in various destinations in Vietnam and Asia, among other insightful topics. Beautifully published in an editorial layout and modern design, Epicure Vietnam is Vietnam’s first original international publication with a clear focus on food, wine, travel and the elegant lifestyle of fellow food lovers.


Vietnam's first and leading publication on luxury properties, interior design and an elite lifestyle. Launched in 2009 in the Vietnamese language, and circulated throughout Vietnam

Deluxe Vietnam is Vietnam’s top luxury property, interiors and lifestyle publication focused on delivering the most informative content in the world of valuable real estate ownership. Deluxe Vietnam covers all of the essential details on high-end Vietnamese residential and commercial space listings, in addition to international domains for hotel, resort, house and apartment living. Not only does Deluxe Vietnam excel in promoting lavish residential and commercial properties in Vietnam, but also at providing an editorial treatment of luxury goods and services. Our mission is to provide vital information for ritzy living, from specially curated features of the top car and yacht marquees to award-winning interior designs, opulent timepieces and local and international lifestyle events. An exceptional feature found in Deluxe Vietnam is titled ‘Deluxe People’, where we interview influential elites for expert insight into architecture, property and fashion for a comprehensive take on what it means to live a “deluxe lifestyle”.


Leading annual guidebook of Vietnam's top restaurants. Launched 2006 in the English language, and circulated throughout Vietnam

Providing invaluable insight into Vietnam’s iconic cuisine, Gourmet Vietnam is a must-have epicurean food guide for both gastronomes and those new to the city’s dynamic dining scene. First published in 2006, Gourmet Vietnam appeals to local luxury diners, sophisticated tourists, and upmarket expatriates searching for expert insight into the country’s top dining and beverage venues in Saigon, Hanoi, Danang, Nha Trang and Phu Quoc. Our visually exquisite yearbook-style layout and vivid photo presentation captivates the attention of our luxury-seeking audience base while providing invaluable insider recommendations. Gourmet Vietnam is dedicated to sharing the top listed restaurants from a variety of Asian and international cuisines, and also features best-of lists for clubs, bars and lounges as well as profiles of world-famous chefs sharing their culinary craft in Vietnam. Gourmet Vietnam is the quintessential luxury food and beverage guide of Vietnam.


Leading annual guidebook of Vietnam's top resorts & spas. Launched in 2007 in the English language, and circulated throughout Vietnam.

As a fast-growing international tourist destination, Vietnam is becoming world-renowned for its variety of five-star getaways. To meet growing demand, Rest & Relax specialises in delivering comprehensive first-hand information in all things luxury travel and holiday pampering directly to elite Vietnamese
travellers, expatriates and sophisticated tourists by focusing on two main aspects of travel; rest: hotels and resorts, and relaxation: spas. Readers rely on Rest & Relax for expert guidance on the top luxury resorts, accommodation, wedding packages, leisure activities, spa treatments, wellness escapes and more throughout Vietnam. Published annually in March, our refined editorial layout and glamourous photo finishing ensure an elite experience for our readers in their quest for the most current information
on Vietnam’s top 100 resorts, spas and golf courses found in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and beyond.


Leading annual guidebook of Vietnam's top restaurants. Launched 2012 in the Vietnamese language and circulated throughout Vietnam.

Given Vietnam’s prestigious cuisine, Am Thuc Vietnam is a must-have for both gastronomes and those new to the country’s dynamic culinary scene. Our thoughtfully curated restaurant guide appeals to local connoisseurs of fine dining, Vietnamese living overseas, and upmarket residents seeking guidance and recommendations for the best gourmet options in Vietnam’s major destinations from Saigon, Hanoi, Danang, Nha Trang and Phu Quoc. Am Thuc Vietnam is an elegant publication that provides high-level insights and personal accounts into Vietnamese and international cuisine, luxury clubs, bars and lounges, as well as in-depth profiles and interviews with world-famous chefs in Vietnam. Published once a year, Am Thuc Vietnam’s yearbook-style layout, high-quality production value and exclusive insider tips have become an invaluable resource to gourmands seeking only the finest premier restaurants and bars in Vietnam.


Leading annual guidebook of Vietnam's top resorts & spas. Launched in 2013 in the Vietnamese language and circulated throughout Vietnam.

Vietnam is a leading international tourist destination, and local elite Vietnamese are beginning to take notice of the marvellous opportunities for luxurious travel and upscale indulgence around the country. Resort & Spa fills the growing need in Vietnam for a prestigious luxury travel guide as the most distinguished annual Vietnamese publication sharing the best in hotels, resorts, spas, golf courses and more from Saigon to Hanoi, and everywhere in between. Diving deep into the exquisite details visitors and locals crave for a successful holiday of pampering, sophisticated travellers rely on Resort & Spa’s insider guidance on choosing everything from type of accommodation, best room facilities, exciting dining and entertainment, pleasurable leisure activities, relaxing spa treatments, and more offered by the top resorts and spas in the country. It’s the luxury travel guide of choice for the up-and-coming affluent class in Vietnam.

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