At Oriental Media, we believe that luxury lies in the details. As a full-service media and events group devoted to connecting affluent Vietnamese and international trailblazers with the best in high-end travel and bespoke lifestyle industries, understanding and appreciating luxury is at the heart of everything we do.

Founded initially as a consultancy firm dedicated to bringing luxury in all its forms to Vietnam, Oriental Media spent years studying designer lifestyle brands and the unique demands of the new Vietnamese consumer. However, after identifying and successfully creating a missing niche in the media market, our team established the first line-up of original and authentic Vietnamese luxury publications to better reach the growing upper class in Vietnam.

Today, Oriental’s publications have multiplied, and now include titles covering luxury real estate, high-end watches, Vietnam’s dining and after-hours scene, resort and spa locales, as well as the country’s most fashionable boutiques. Our consistent and competent coverage of the market ensures that both our growing list of publications and our dedicated event division brings the best of the world’s fashion and style to Vietnam.

Oriental Media is the premier platform in Vietnam for connecting luxury brands and services with the most influential and elite audiences.


Oriental publishes a range of magazines and guides tailored to Vietnam’s luxury market. Professional content written by experts, superb photography and design, and the highest quality paper and imaging are standard.


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